Google keyword research – Find best keywords using Google Analytics tool

This is easy tool and can give you a lot of money. This is option : google analytics – content – keywords :

At the time of starting a segmentation typology user must spend a long brainstorming session on how to define the user and the actions they can perform, so that the correct segmentation take.
Can not believe the types of users in 5 minutes, it is important to study them and learn what can and we will then measure and interpret.

We could classify them by their status, their intentions, by their geographical location and a number of reasons. Let me start by making basic questions. I still undecided segment. Asking questions to get answers that will help shape the profiles of users we have and as we look to improve the conversion.

Informations about best keywords is most important. Google keyword research is tool in content section and it can show how we can Find best keywords for our website. Do you have some tips ?

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