How to organize freelancer work space – home office

When one is employed and must travel to the office every day,  day-dreaming with the idea of working from home and without leaders. In the head we Freelancer represents the image of successful, young, paid his own house and has a respectable car. Very American Dream. The reality of the young man began working independently in the third world, is another.

In Argentina, especially Buenos Aires, is very normal that children live with parents until well into the 30 years age when leaving the nest to start a family is living, or at worst, get married . This situation arises from the difficulties of financing a rental with current salaries and the lack of access to a mortgage as our parents did.

This situation, coupled with enforced idleness, unemployment, leads to a lot of young independent job search, where he covets a gain higher than the salaries offered by slave labor, adorned by a lack of pressure to meet a schedule and leave the suit for jeans that we love so much. The reality is that the beginning of a personal venture is very hard if it lacks a certain discipline. So here are some tips to help you start preparing your workspace.

Having a whole room for office use, would be ideal. But if you’re not so lucky, enough to define a particular space can be a corner, a desk, a corner as far as possible the natural bustle of a family home. Search any unused space that can be recycled.

Avoid places of transition from home to away with distractions that our family is going to generate involuntarily. Let’s talk to our family of our plans and explicitly agree some small patterns of coexistence around this new space, all designed to not interrupt your work and the solidarity with you when you receive calls, receive mail, or attend a client.
Prepare the furniture

We need a desk or table as broad as possible, we must locate our computer so you can work with the papers to us. Let’s install some shelves near or we use a library if space allows. Economize by building us all we can!

For example, on a visit to the timber we can see that there are tables of pine or other wood supply. Make the cut in the measures we need and there he bought a hardware store or metal brackets, screws 8mm and fishers. Make borrowed a hole if we do not have one, not worth buying it, and install! If the wood seems very clear, we can buy some paint to make them a patina.

Lacking a desk, we can choose the “assemble furniture that sell in wholesale channels such as Easy – Jumbo, although we can not rule out the furniture go looking for deals and even buy a slightly damaged furniture (with corresponding price reduction ) and repair it ourselves. Used furniture are generally very expensive, but you can look and see if you have luck finding one that suits your space and your pocket.

Animate to do things for yourself, you save lots of money, learn new things and you can customize to taste the place. Do not feel embarrassed to go to websites with guides on how to “desk” or the like, all ideas that you can rescue can help.

A tip: in a house with electricity or a hardware store, buy cable seals. With that will keep out the spaghetti of wires that results from the computer and other electrical pots.

If it is necessary to paint the room, look for it in white or a very clear tone, thereby making better use of light. You have good prices acrylics, you need a roller, a brush for detail, a bottle of turpentine and win.

Then adorn with pictures conveniently to your liking. Take care to illuminate the area very well be where you go if you have natural light and exploit it ran up the curtains or blinds while you’re there. Have good lighting helps to combat lethargy.

Loud music is not recommended for this new space. On one hand it is inevitable to be distracted by what we hear, well more than to stop and search new each time to get down to music or internet download. We hear the phone or doorbell and with that we are making it difficult to contact a potential client, and add to our parents, siblings or neighbors at some point will be upset.

But the total lack of music can sometimes hurt us too. A little background music helps us to not be distracted by the noise of our own home, such as the sound of television, the talk of our families, and so on. We must find the right balance.
Other important details

Keep well ventilated environment will help you stay awake, and using air fresheners that have a pleasant aroma is an extra point to give you that pleasure to work there. They come in a multitude of presentations, from aerosols to ornaments fragrance gel ranging firing all day and changed once a month.

The incense sticks are nice but I consider unfit for office because the aroma spreads through which generate smoke, which thins the air. If you’re going to use them, encendelos at times that you have to go to aromatize the site.

If you like by placing a plant. The potus, for example, are indoor plants that do not require great care of you and give life to your place. You may prefer one of these ornamental fountains or any of those small greenhouses that sell ornamental nurseries.

Shape the place to eventually receive a visit and feel that really came into an office and not in a Sucucho in your old house:-P. But mainly, you have to feel yourself in a room intended to work a bit to deceive abstraerte the site you really are.

And when you start to stay boy …

Over time people may start to get known and be uncomfortable for you to be your home address. There are customers who once they know where you live, do not respect your working days and go to ask things on Sundays and holidays, regardless of time. Men can also stay in your home space, or decide that it would be better to be closer to the center or elsewhere.

You can rent an office you alone if you get income. If you do not get, consider joining with friends who share your standards of work but not working for the same. You can create a studio where cost sharing but separate spaces very well. You can use this space exclusively to service clients but working from home.

It spread the word to your friends, many people are looking to share costs for their ventures are more profitable.

Can you think of some more tips?

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