How to create Facebook Landing Page for business purpose

Methods to create Facebook Landing Page for business purpose
Facebook is a community site used for making friends and also for promoting business online easily. The design and layout of the site is common for all but we can use it to post different contents as per our wish. There are many options available in facebook such as fan pages, friends list, chat, and also apps which we can easily access to promote business.
Fan pages in Facebook are just like mini website where we can promote our products by welcoming new visitors. For a person with less knowledge can easily create a fan page for free easily. The method to create fan page are mentioned below.

static fbml1. Adding static FBML App
Apps are the tabs which we can see on top of facebook fan page. Some of it looks like wall and photos which are built into facebook and some are plug-ins. With the use of this plug-ins we can view other contents like videos with the help of Youtube and Flickr which can be used to access photos.
Static FBML is the app needed for custom page. After logging into Facebook we can add contents as per our needs including links and custom graphics through standard HTML.

2. Setting up own Tab

After adding static FBML app we can make all settings and apps by using editing option which is below the profile image. Application settings will clearly show the FBML app in the Facebook profile.

3. Inserting the content in facebook

We can open standard text window and can add content easily in our facebook. We can give box title as per the content depending on the purpose of the page. Also we can include images, links, text and other related things as per our needs to promote our business. Here HTML, Body or tags are not required for posting content.

4. Default landing page
By editing wall settings we can make face page as the main page of the business. Also option is available for default landing tab for everyone to select new tab easily. This helps the visitors to see face page when they comes to our facebook page.

5. Engaging more with FBML
FBML code is used in Facebook applications to refer items on social network, user profiles, feeds, groups and other related data. This FBML language helps to integrate the landing page and to interactive with visitors.

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