Make Forex Metatrader EA using 4 indicators

This is small project where freelancer needs to TWXB4 To Code Ea using 4 indicators.

To code a main strategy for MT4 using 4 indicators and a small sub strategy which can be made by mixing and matching the above 4 indicators. Although a program is incuded that produces historical renko bars for back testing; you are to advise the procedure to produce Renko bars in real time trading which can be used with the below coded program. Through explanation of strategy is given with pictures and a flowchart. Programmer will not just code on given info but shall also improvise if a part of a system/ indicator/ indicator values is not adequate or suitable or could be replaced by a better element. Programmer shall also find optimum values of indicators with the Optimazation function of MT4 in strategy tester and the best Mix & match of the indicators for the 2nd sub strategy to give best results. If results are not that good, programmer must suggest from his/ her own experience to replace a certain element of the strategy from his own list of indicators or ideas to make it work better. He must be prepared to make a number of adjustments if required even after the coded program has been delivered without demanding further payments as part of customer service. Also he must be able to answer any queries for free after completion & delivery.

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Convert Metatrader MQL4 Expert Advisor to c# for NinjaTrader Platform

This job is for forex Metatrader EA programmers.


I need a reliable programmer for convert a mql MT4 Strategie to a c# Strategie for NinjaTraderor or to PowerLanguage for Multicharts Platform.
Please only Programmer with experience in Trading and market data distribution systems.

For more infos, please mail me

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Become Android application developer – send CV

Android application job from : Here you can apply for job.

We need an Android Developer:
1, At least one or two years Andorid development experience

2, At least 1~3 Android Apps in Google Play (solo development or participations during the development)

3, Can Finish an Android App in a relatively short period (1 to 2 months), with full UI design, Full REST Backend support, and Full implementations of the iOS Version App.

4, Best currently in Stockholm or willing to be allocated in Stockholm to finish the work.

5, If this project goes well, we would like to provide a long term contract for the candidate, fix the allocation and visa if the candidate is not Swedish Nationality.

Please contact me asap if you are interested, send me your CV & list of apps in Google Play.

Thank you very much !

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Freelancer job – create iPhone Blackberry Android food ordering application

Develop iPhone Blackberry Android APPS :

Project Description:

I want to develop a mobile app. The functionality will be very similar to the following websites:


3 elements:

1. Client App
Create an account and enter billing information
Find restaurants that are close by that offer pickup, or deliver to a given address
This could be typed in
Or GPS Located
View those restaurants:
Special Offers
Place an order for delivery/pickup
Schedule an order for later delivery/pickup
Pay securely using their account (credit card, paypal etc)
Add a gratuity to the order

2. Business User App
Allow user to receive orders to iPad, iPhone or iTouch or email.
Mark orders as delivered/picked-up
App must notify user of a new order through visible notification

3. Web Portal (Back-End)
Allow a business to upload their menu with prices for the items
Allow user to set option to allow for delivery/pickup
Set opening hours
Upload logo
Upload photo’s
Set special offers for
New Customers
Returning Customers
Map location
Map delivery area

View previous orders & produce reports on orders taken and time taken to fulfill the orders

The business would be able to locate the customer using GPS location. For example if the customer was on a golf course, then the business would be able to track the user (with permission) so that they could deliver the order to the customer.

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Need an Android application shopping list style app for celebration events

This is job for excellent Android application.Full description is :

Project Description:

I need an iPhone and Android application written.

This will include both design and back-end development.

In summary it is a shopping list style app for presents and celebration events such as birthday’s.

The app will have 5-8 different pages. For specific functionality.

Need a wish list created which will include all items I want shared with my friends. i.e I want to let my friends know what I want for my birthday (whom need the app as well)

Another view for my friend list

Another view to enter in my item that I want

Another view to see my friends items

And a pop up to allow an in app purchase

Another popup to share across different applications (such as Facebook, Whatsapp etc)

Also I want the ability to integrate mobile contacts and pull in my friends in the app who also have the same app installed

I will send a detailed scope to the winner.

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Need an iPhone application which can catch phone call events and start recording audio streams to the web server

In ths job investors trying to find freelancer who can write an iPhone application.

Full job description is :

Program should catch incoming/outgoing phone call events and start recording audio streams to the web server (through restful API provided) or memory or file. Phone call should not be interfered with this new functionality. Program should not be platform-specific and should work for, at least (but not limited to) android and iOS. One possible way to do this would be make a simultaneous call to a pre-configured machine using VOIP and put the three parties in a conference. It is upto the programmer(s) to implement a better technical solution, if possible.

Working on this project requires solid understanding of how mobile telephony works. Knowledge of Objective C or Android Java is not at all required, nor is any experience in creating mobile apps mandatory.

Development of mobile applications (Android and iOS) and web server (with rest-style services) are done separately and should not be part of this project. Please include details of requirements from telephony service providers or others so that we can facilitate these without any delay. Please include brief description of your technical solution so we can assess the scalability and maintenance costs of the solution for our future requirement.
Furthermore, the app need to have the following features:-
1. calling card module
2. Caller ID Spoofing configurations
3. Voice changer Module
iOS, Android, Windows

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Need freelancer to create Android application that can calculate grocery lists and coupons

In this job from website we have one excellent idea for Android application.Investor wants to find freelancer to create an Android application calculating coupons and grocery lists.
See full job description:

Hello, I would need someone skillful to make an app that would calculate grocery lists for coupon ladies. It would need to work like the excel sheet below, but with a cuter look and hideble/expendable columns.
It needs to be on Android devices first, targeting Canadian market first, and if possible in French, but I can translate.
Ok, it’s not as exciting as programming the next CandyCrush or getting Steve Jobs’ position, but if someone’s up for the challenge, I am looking for a great partnership :)
I the files below, the yellow lines are to be modified by the user.

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Create Bir iPhone application VoIP app like Viber

In this job freelancers need to create VoIP app like Viber but less complicate. Specifications for this job are Voice, Text and Location.

For people that doesn’t know :

Viber is a VoIP tool that is gaining popularity and is reaching its hundred million users. It doesn’t offer a lot of functions, but there are two that take it out of the lot: it allows you to communicate using VoIP for free bypassing your mobile carrier, but while using your GSM phone number, and it allows group messaging. It works on Wi-Fi and 3G.

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