Freelancer job – create iPhone Blackberry Android food ordering application

Develop iPhone Blackberry Android APPS :

Project Description:

I want to develop a mobile app. The functionality will be very similar to the following websites:


3 elements:

1. Client App
Create an account and enter billing information
Find restaurants that are close by that offer pickup, or deliver to a given address
This could be typed in
Or GPS Located
View those restaurants:
Special Offers
Place an order for delivery/pickup
Schedule an order for later delivery/pickup
Pay securely using their account (credit card, paypal etc)
Add a gratuity to the order

2. Business User App
Allow user to receive orders to iPad, iPhone or iTouch or email.
Mark orders as delivered/picked-up
App must notify user of a new order through visible notification

3. Web Portal (Back-End)
Allow a business to upload their menu with prices for the items
Allow user to set option to allow for delivery/pickup
Set opening hours
Upload logo
Upload photo’s
Set special offers for
New Customers
Returning Customers
Map location
Map delivery area

View previous orders & produce reports on orders taken and time taken to fulfill the orders

The business would be able to locate the customer using GPS location. For example if the customer was on a golf course, then the business would be able to track the user (with permission) so that they could deliver the order to the customer.

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