Make Forex Metatrader EA using 4 indicators

This is small project where freelancer needs to TWXB4 To Code Ea using 4 indicators.

To code a main strategy for MT4 using 4 indicators and a small sub strategy which can be made by mixing and matching the above 4 indicators. Although a program is incuded that produces historical renko bars for back testing; you are to advise the procedure to produce Renko bars in real time trading which can be used with the below coded program. Through explanation of strategy is given with pictures and a flowchart. Programmer will not just code on given info but shall also improvise if a part of a system/ indicator/ indicator values is not adequate or suitable or could be replaced by a better element. Programmer shall also find optimum values of indicators with the Optimazation function of MT4 in strategy tester and the best Mix & match of the indicators for the 2nd sub strategy to give best results. If results are not that good, programmer must suggest from his/ her own experience to replace a certain element of the strategy from his own list of indicators or ideas to make it work better. He must be prepared to make a number of adjustments if required even after the coded program has been delivered without demanding further payments as part of customer service. Also he must be able to answer any queries for free after completion & delivery.

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