ASP.NET Web Programmer/ Developer by tickazilla

I have my own web based business in the United Kingdom that specialises in Worldwide sports event tickets and hotel accommodation bookings. The person responsible for developing our website recently left… (Budget: $750-1500, Jobs: .NET, ASP, eCommerce, SQL, XML)

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  1. i am interested in it. i have a good knowledge in as well in windows apyplication. let me know in detail about web syste.

  2. Kabaev Anton says:

    i am interested in this. Please mail some details.

  3. Khadija H Kapadia says:

    Have hands-on experience in developing on-line booking websites for UK based companies

    You can check the following sites:

  4. rohitashbansal says:


    I am intersted for your project.

  5. i am interested.please send me detail.

  6. Fawad Ehsan says:

    I am interested in it. Please mail some details.

  7. I am having experience in let me know via

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