Dream Quest needs a Comic Artist – SciFi Illustration Freelance Job

Hello. I’m the creator of a concept known as Dream Quest, a duel genre Fantasy and Sci-Fi story about two worlds in peril. I’m looking for someone to partner with me in creating a comic book that will bring these worlds to life. I’m looking for someone who will a) be as inspired by the concept as I am, and have a drive to make it his or her own, but also b) someone who is willing to work only for the prospect of funds in the future, once (not if) the project is published and gains a following. I am dedicated to the success of this Comic, as I have spent the last three years working on the details of these worlds, and I hope to find an artist who will jump on board completely.

So in Summary:

1.Comic Book
2. Sci-fi AND Fantasy both
3. Literally FREElance until success is achieved

Please feel free to check out the wiki I created to collect some of my ideas at dreamquest.wetpaint.com and to e-mail me


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  1. I wouldn’t mind if i like the story. Your site is like totally blank though.
    It’ll be good practice for me before i start on my comic.
    I’ll request some money though ; )
    my messy blog – http://singaporeillustrator.blogspot.com/


  2. I Like to work with you, see my stuffs- http://www.dasguptarts.com
    Thank You

  3. Dillon Shea says:

    Sounds interesting! If you have time check out some of my most recent work at http://www.dillonshea.com
    Any salary rate (minimum wage would be great) would do – thanks!

  4. I am the illustrations studio from China ,there are 200 illustrators work for us,Our illustrations varied in style.

    you can contact us with MSN.

    At end ,wish you have a nice day!

    you sincerely

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