Excel 2003 – (3) Macros Run Different Intervals on Open by settlementinfo

Right now I have to have (3) separate spreadsheets and open them in order to have (3) macros run. The Macro code is attached. The Macros run at different intervals; 45sec, 1min and 5min. I need to consolidate all of these macros to one Excel 2003 module, one Excel Workbook… (Budget: $30-250, Jobs: Visual Basic)

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  1. Ertugrul ABAY says:


    Just be fairly simple.
    Would like to to do this job
    I would ask the 30$ for it
    and I should complete it in one day


    ertugrul ABAY

  2. HI,

    I would like to do this job with amount of your choice.

    I have 4.2 years Experiance with VBA/VB6.0/SQL-Server
    Currendly designing tools for process improvemtnt using these(VBA/VB6.0/SQL-Server) Applications.

    I designe tools to automate the manual work(Reports,Analysis,Data Entery OR web based manual work) with Excel,Outlook, Word, Text Files,Access, Web, and Other Applications(Non Microsoft)


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