I need expert to help me change my IP address SERIOUS BIDDER by jwaggene1

Hi, I am looking for information that can help me with my business and with my internet knowledge. I want very much to learn about the best technology/software or methods to changing an IP address at my home computer without having to leave my location to have access to another IP address… (Budget: $30-250, Jobs: Cisco, Computer Security, Java, Oracle, SQL)

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  1. Jack Billson says:

    People pay extra so the IP doesn’t change.

    There’s no good reason to want this. Email me for details where to send the money.

  2. Why do people change IP? How does changing your IP address help maintain your anonymity, safety and security over the internet? If you think that an IP change does it all think again. Before your personal information ends up in the wrong hands, make sure that you have enough protection.

    Let us start by knowing something about IP addresses. Your IP address is the identification of the server (computer) that you use when you connect to the internet. This address contains information that identifies you as the user. Any information that you give during your surfing activities are associated to your IP address. This means that your IP address can be used by unscrupulous people against you.

    This is why the use of an anonymous proxy to change your IP address is advised. By using a proxy server, your identity is hidden. Instead of your IP address appearing on the website that you access, it is the proxy server’s address that appears. Even if you have a so called electronic trail, websites cannot use it to lead back to you. Instead, they will just end up to the proxy server’s identity.

    However, there are situations when changing your IP address is not enough. Aside from the basic features of anonymous surfing, you must also look for added security such as data encryption. Encryption adds a higher level of protection.

    When data is encrypted plain text is converted into non-readable form. Encrypted data cannot be intercepted by criminals. Even if they do intercept it, they cannot get any useful information. Thus, it is advantageous to choose proxy servers that not only changes IP addresses, but also encrypts data. For encrypted data to become readable, the receiver must use a key to decrypt the message. It can only be read if it returns to its original text form.

    Furthermore, there are levels of data encryption that you can choose from. For example you can use 64-bit or 128-bit encryption. Between the two, the 128-bit encryption is the stronger of the two. The 64-bit has the danger of being broken thus exposing all data contained in the text.

    Some confidential information that needs to be encrypted is your user names, passwords and credit card information. Without encryption, you could become a victim to any unscrupulous person who intercepts your data.

  3. M.siva subrahmanyam says:

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  4. M.siva subrahmanyam says:

    you can change IP address by using control panel and settings options you can visit change IP address manually and you can change it through manually or you can do it through system default setting

    I think this information may help you please try this

  5. Hi I can help u by sending a code to change IP in 30 seconds, so u can change up IP every minute u want. send me ur email address I will send u proof video.
    please discribe mode of payment, I have Allert Pay Account so u can pay me.


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