Mass card covers and illustrations – Greeting Card Illustration Freelance Job

I need an illustrator who can work from supplied imagery or guidance from an art director to produce high quality religious themed illustrations and floral illustrations for reproduction on cards and other items.

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  1. Hi. I live in Argentina and I´m interested in the greeting cards matter. Please e-mail me and I´ll send you back some samples of colour drawings. I haven´t uploaded them to the blog I mention here because they`re taking part in a contest. But I can send them to you. Is there a specific technique that you need? I work in acrylics, ink and coloured pencils.

  2. I forgot to give you my address:

  3. I am an artist who is also a Pastor’s wife and this job would be right up my alley. I have left a link to a facebook photo page of some of my art. If that link does not work or you need more, just email me.


  4. Chua Wen Wen says:

    I am a freelance illustrator and I am interested in the job posted. Please email me and I will send you my resume and portfolio for your consideration. I hope to receive a favourable reply from you. Thank you.

  5. Calonie J. says:

    I am interested in the project listed. I have done numerous illustrations for customers and some religious pieces. Please view my art by the link provided:
    My contact is Thank you.

  6. Love to be considered for this job please look at my web site Thank you. Elyse Whittaker-Paek

  7. I would love to be considered for this job. There are a few examples of my work on my website. Please review and contact me with any further questions. Thank you.

  8. I am a Christian graphic designer with excellent illustrator skills using arcylics, pencils,paste up charcoals/sangine, pastels, markers etc. portraits,murals character creations storylines/storyboardsany and all things christ centered or secular if prefered
    Attended and completed
    Phila printing & advertising school and
    Art Inst of Phila for graphic design, illustration, portrait drawing color theory completed required courses
    very interested in job hope 2 hear from U soon

  9. I am happy to be considered. Please visit my web site for my sample works.

  10. byas artworks says:

    we are a new to the business,but not to art. would love to work for you. please visit byasartwork on facebook we have a fan page to view our work.

  11. I am the illustrations studio from China ,there are 200 illustrators work for us,Our illustrations varied in style.

    you can contact us with MSN.

    At end ,wish you have a nice day!

    you sincerely

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