Scrape, create content, check links by binaryfairy

Here is a general overview of this project: A. Pull any and all profiles from this search results page, and all the pages which follow it:… (Budget: $250-750, Jobs: Craigslist, CRM, Layout / Formatting, Web Scraping, Website QA)

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  1. • Developed different web crawlers that extract important information from the website according to the set criteria. After getting all the desired information from the website information is either saved in the file or in the database. This information contains information like product name, url, price, description and other related information. Websites includes:
    • Developed a google keyword search link extractor. It extracts up to forty links according to the given keyword and gets their url’s and other related information.
    • Working on different SEO tools, these tools can be used for SEO and other purposes. Completed ‘keyword density tool’ which searches words of 1, 2, 3 phrases from the given website. After getting all the words it calculates the occurrences of these words and display on the webpage. Also completed ‘related blog links’ tool that gives all the url’s from the google search. These links contains a related blog post that matches the input blog name.

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